You only get one set of hands in life. Nerve damage, arthritis, joint soreness, and skin tearing can affect current workouts before you know it – and can wreak havoc on your future workouts.

The best way to prevent damaged hands is to protect them.

Clutch Grips are the world’s first, customizable, personal weightlifting grip system. The overlapping design encases the bar from both sides and delivers 100% hand protection.

Easy and flexible

Easy-to-adjust Velcro straps provide comfort and flexibility — giving you just the right amount of grip and protection. And flexibility.

Clutch Grips work on machines, free weights, rope pulls, or anything with a bar.

Better than gloves

Compare clutch grips to gloves
How do Clutch Grips compare to gloves?

Clutch Grips were designed for athletes, by athletes, to enhance upper body workouts and prevent damage to the hands.

Because the molded plastic contains anti-microbial agents, they also keep bar germs off of your hands.

And the rubbery feel and texture is superior to gloves in movement, flexibility and grip.

How they’re made

All 3 of our grips are made with newly introduced, 21st century poly-engineered material, which provides maximum friction that fabrics and leather cannot match.

Clutch Grip components
Shown: The R-1 Captor. Compare all 3.

The grips vary slightly in design, but they’re similarly constructed. Clutch Grips are more adjustable and advanced than any glove, grip or other product used for general weightlifting.

Each one comes with the following features:

  • The core of the grip is a 4-inch wide bar sleeve. Depending on the model, the sleeve wraps from 80% to 105% of the bar’s circumference. The sleeve on the Raptor has an added shock absorber to help balance out your grip.
  • Back hand support. A flexible molded guard covers the back of your hand and top of your wrist. It provides support for the wrist without impacting your motion.
  • The wrist bumper keeps the back hand support in place but it also provides additional support for the wrist.
  • Easy-on, easy-off Velcro straps hold the grip together and are key to providing flexibility and customization so you can tailor the grip the way you like it.


No more “stink fist”

Every Clutch Grip has built-in antimicrobial agents to promote good hygiene and prevent the growth of bacteria and eliminate stink-fist odor.

Made in the USA

Clutch Grips are proudly designed and made in the USA.