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How do I adjust Clutch Grips to fit my hand properly?

Please view and optionally download our wear instruction sheet here.

Do you really need hand protection?

Yes, you only get one set of hands in life. The best way to prevent damaged hands is to protect them. Nerve damage, arthritis, joint soreness, and skin tearing can affect your current workouts and future workouts.

Why should I choose Clutch Grips over gloves, other style grips, or lifting straps?

By design, these custom bar molds are made to fit and adjust to different size weightlifting bars with very little pressure. This results in maximum coverage and hand freedom. The rubbery feel and texture is superior in movement, flexibility and grip.

Which model should I buy?

Clutch grips are designed as a one-size-fits-all, so any of the three models will fit you. The choice depends on what kind of support you need more of:

  • Monkey Paw (MP-1) is for athletes who only need a small boost in gripping strength. It’s the most comfortable of our models due.
  • Eagle Talon (E-1) wraps all the way around the bar, and then some. This creates.. [What is the impact of this on comfort and usability?]
  • Raptor (R-1) creates maximum grip and maximum friction for power-hungry workouts.
Is this more sanitary than the other products offered?

Hand sweating causes bacteria growth on leathers and fabrics. Clutch Grips are made of a specialized poly-engineered elastomeric material that has a naturally cleaner and more hygienic surface. However, we created an additional level of protection – an anti-microbial additive that offers greater protection against sickness.

How do I clean my Clutch Grips?

A simple wipe down is sufficient for the plastic part of your Clutch Grip (the molds). The velco straps can be washed by hand using a simple mix of soap and cold water. Rinse and then air dry them, and they’re ready for the gym.

Are these used for powerlifting?

No. Clutch Grips are an alternative to the glove. Powerlifters do not wear gloves; they use chalk or lifting straps. However, Clutch Grips have been designed and athelete-tested to provide additional grip in the toughest of workouts.

Can you do push ups in these?

Absolutely. The grip structure makes it more comfortable than bare hands or gloves, and the grips absorb a lot of the impact.

Are these grips too bulky for my hands?

If you have small hands they can be bulky, but the great thing about Clutch Grips’ design is that you can add and remove straps to adjust the size to fit your hand.