How to Keep Your Workout Gear Smelling Fresh

How to Keep Your Workout Gear Smelling Fresh

Working out has many positive side effects – a better body, better health, higher self-esteem. Unfortunately, it can also come with some unwanted odors lingering in your gym bag. Those odors not only follow you home, but if not properly dealt with, can intensify and continue to smell at your next lift session. Although it might be nice to have the weight rack to yourself, you really don’t want to clear a room because you smell bad. To keep your fellow gym goers happy and avoid the “stinky” label, use these tips to keep your workout gear smelling fresh. 

Bad odors in your gym gear are largely caused by bacteria and germs. Not only do they smell horrible, they can also make you sick. Studies have found e-coli, staph, cold, and flu germs lingering in workout gloves, towels, belts, and other gear.  That gear not only touches your skin but also comes in close contact with equipment, doors, and other surfaces that harbor these nasty little bugs. It’s hard to completely avoid contact with harmful bacteria and germs, even if you diligently wipe down every piece of equipment. So, it’s best to use gear that is made from anti-microbial materials which can be found in fabrics, plastics, and other synthetic materials. 

Our own Clutch Grips are made with a special material that eliminates 99.9% of the germs that lead to the phenomenon known as “stinkfist.” Many clothing manufacturers have developed fabrics that not only wick moisture away but also minimize bacteria. As science and technology continue to evolve, more and more anti-microbial products are entering the market, giving you options. 

Many gym goers are diligent about wiping down their equipment at the gym but forget to stop and wipe down their own gear when they get home. Another pass on your gear with disinfecting wipes makes sure that anything you might have missed at the gym doesn’t find its way back home with you. You can also hit surfaces such as the inside of shoes and other areas that are hard to wipe with a disinfecting spray such as Lysol. 

Many of us are guilty of squeezing in a gym session during a busy day, tossing our bag in the car or on the floor at home, and forgetting about it for a couple of days. Unfortunately, that allows all the bacteria, germs, and sweat to stew and multiply. If at all possible, wash your clothes and towels immediately in cold water to neutralize odors and wash away any bad bugs that may have tagged along. 

As mentioned above, placing sweaty gear inside your bag allows them to saturate the lining of your gym bag and shoes. Be sure to air out your bag to let the moisture evaporate, then spray the inside with Lysol. Check the label and see if your bag can also be washed. If so, wash it at least once a month and let it dry completely before your next use.

Good hygiene practices with your gear not only help to control odors and illness causing bacteria, it also keeps your fellow gym goers happy. Keep some disinfecting wipes in your gym bag or car so you can quickly wipe down your gear and remember to give everything an opportunity to dry out completely before your next use.

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