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($29.99 Price is per pair.)

The Monkey Paw is the smallest grip, with less bar coverage and friction than the Raptor or Eagle Talon. It has the shape of the Eagle Talon but the interior grip doesn’t have the overlapping length.

This model is more of a convertible style that is very comfortable while protecting the main parts of the upper hand and fingers. Its design lets you transition quickly from overhand to underhand grip.

Monkey Paw is excellent for pulling exercises, which makes it an ideal model for super cross-training athletes.

Clutch grips are adjustable. One size fits all.

All of our Clutch Grips have the same great features:

  • Anti-microbial – The grips are made with antimicrobial agent to promote good hygiene, prevent the growth of bacteria, and eliminate smell (stink-fist).
  • Grip molds are made with newly introduced 21st century poly-engineered material for maximum friction that fabrics and leather can not match.
  • Perfect for machines, free weights, or anything bar shaped.
  • Proudly designed and Made in the USA.
Weight11 oz
Dimensions4 × 5 × 7 in
ColorBlack, Blue, Gray, Yellow

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