Working Out with Your Partner

Working Out with Your Partner

Many people know that working out has many benefits for your mental, emotional and physical health. But did you know it’s good for your relationship too? Many studies have shown that couples who sweat together, stay together. That’s because this mutually beneficial quality time is a great bonding experience (as well as great for your gains). If you’re ready to start making gym time couple’s time, here are a few workouts to get you started.

His and Hers

The His and Hers workout from Muscle & Fitness makes sure you get enough heavy metal in your workout, while giving you modifications for your different fitness levels. 

Couples Total Body Workout

Shape magazine compiled this total body workout so you can get it all done in a single session. 

Sweat Together 

The Sweat Together workout from Men’s Health leverages body weight and plyometric movements, making this a do anywhere workout. 

Here are some additional tips to make sure you both get the most out of your couple’s workouts. 

  • To keep it interesting, let each partner take turns picking a different activity or routine. 
  • Communicate your fitness goals to each other so you can help each other stay accountable and motivated. 
  • Take your workout outside to get the added benefits of nature, including better mood and lower cortisol. 
  • Follow up your workout with a romantic post-workout recovery meal or shake for two.

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